If you are a girl who likes to play golf and wonders what career or job your love for the game might lead to, then you are at the right place! Golfer Girl Careers is a place to read about other girls and how learning to play golf as a junior influenced and shaped their careers, jobs and lives.


A message from Nancy Berkley,
Founder of Golfer Girl Careers:

Golfer Girl Careers owes its origins to Golfer Girl Magazine. About four years ago in 2006, I was approached by Claude Hooton of San Diego, California, the father of three young daughters who played junior golf: Libby, Courtney and Chloe Belle. Claude explained that one of his daughters asked a simple question, "Why isn't there a magazine for us?" The girls wanted to read stories about girls like themselves, with age-related golf tips and, of course, golf fashions. 
Claude asked his girls whether they wanted to start a magazine. When they said "Yes," Claude contacted me, and I helped him put together an advisory board that included Suzy Whaley, a PGA and LPGA Professional who is now a member-elect of the Board of Directors of the PGA of America and Karen Moraghan, the President of Hunter Public Relations that specializes in golf events. 
The Hooton family worked hard and produced six great issues which were all well received by the press and public. (The articles in each issue are still available online at www.golfergirlmagazine.com). But the publication became harder and harder to put together as advertisers cut back and the Hooton sisters were working even harder at school and golf. Libby, the Editor-in-chief is now a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania where she is a member of the Penn Women's Golf team.
One of the features of the magazine was an interview-article I wrote for a section called Careers in Golf. In each issue I interviewed a woman who played golf as a junior but ended up in a profession other than Tour player or golf instructor. Learning to play golf as a young girl has lasting influences on our lives as adults.
If you are a junior golfer (or the parent of a junior golfer) you may wonder what or where all your time and effort is going to. So, I decided to put all the Careers in Golf articles from Golfer Girl Magazine on one site -- and keep adding to it.
Enjoy reading these and contact me if you have questions or suggestions for other women to interview. The sky's the limit when it comes to how golf will shape your life.
--- Nancy Berkley 

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